Residential Deliveries

Important Information If You Wish To Deliver to Your Home

When delivering your toys, to save you money I use a common carrier which is much less expensive than UPS or FedEx – but it has some limitations.  Typically, a common carrier will not deliver to a residential address.  I ship a lot of toys to residential addresses so they will do it for me, but if you can ship to a commercial address then it’s best to do so.  It’s best to avoid shipping to residential addresses altogether.

Common carriers are set up to deliver to businesses that are open and have staff available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

They may not “call ahead” or arrange a specific time for your delivery.

If you’re looking to take the day off work in order to be available to accept your delivery, you may be disappointed as they may be delayed and arrive the following day.

You must be available to accept delivery when the shipment clears customs and is ready to be delivered.  Delaying delivery will result in daily storage fees from the common carrier.  When your toys do arrive, there should be an adult there who is prepared to unload the back of the truck and bring the shipment inside your property.  Most boxes are quite light.

Typically, unless arranged ahead of time, the driver will not unload the truck or enter your property.

You, or the person you arrange to meet the truck, should inspect the outside of the cartons and count them.  Do not sign any paperwork until you’ve confirmed that the boxes are not severely damaged and that the quantity of cartons matches the paperwork.

Signing the paperwork means the correct number of cartons showed up in good condition.

If there is a mismatch in the carton quantity or you see boxes torn open and repaired, make a clear note on your copy and the driver’s copy of the paperwork.  If there is damage, take photos if you can.

Don’t worry about counting all the toys inside the cartons.  That’s not the driver’s responsibility.  You and I can address that later if there is an issue.

You cannot change the delivery address, delay delivery, ask the driver to unload the truck, or ask the driver to bring the cartons inside your property unless that is arranged ahead of time with your Project Manager.  There will be additional fees if you ask them to do any of this.

I deliver toys all over the world every week, so I’ll do my best to make this as easy as possible for you.

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