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Wal-Mart Mini Banana Promotion
I was approached to help with a promotion for Del Monte, where they wanted to promote their mini-bananas in Wal-Mart stores.

A customer could purchase mini-bananas and would get a promtion sticker.  With three stickers placed on a postcard, the consumer could mail it in.  My staff would key in the data, and upload that to my fulfillment warehouse.  A mailing label is generated and one promotional toy is mailed out to the consumer.

Through initial discussions, I worked with the client to see how much of the project I could handle and add value to.  I found that I could do quite a bit more to help then simply make the toys and ship them to my customer.  I had figured out what to do next.

With past experience, I knew that I could handle the majority of the promotion, while keeping the customer updated with reports.

To save a little money, I worked out that if I shipped every toy in individual shipping cartons, I’d pay a little more in shipping the goods in to my fulfillment warehouse, but would save on pick and pack labor and costs locally.

My mailing address was used for the promotion so that my staff could handle the data entry of consumer requests, and handle any issues with delivery requests.

The graphics were completed for the in-store POP display, sticker mailing postcard, thank you card, and hangtag for the toy.  Production for the toys was started, and the promotion was launched.

In the rules and regulations for the consumer, I made sure that my customer knew it would be up to 12 weeks until delivery, so we could begin the promotion without having the toys completed yet.  While the promotion was running, the toys were completed and readied for shipping.  As consumer mailers arrived, we entered the details into our database, which allowed mailing labels to be generated and it gave my customer a sense of the response to the promotion.

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