Your Toys Stored and Shipped on Demand

Your toys will be safely and securely stored in my warehouse.  When your website gets an order, I’ll pack your toy in a shipping box, stick a shipping label on it and hand it to the delivery company whether it is USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL.  Whatever you prefer.

With the volume I ship you’ll enjoy lower storage costs and lower shipping costs per order.

A great tip is to increase your retail price and ‘hide’ some of the shipping costs within your price.  Meaning, if you feel your product should sell for $19.99 – and shipping is $10. You may increase your retail price to $24.99 and  set your shipping price at $5. Your shipping will look less expensive and much more attractive which should result in higher sales.

I can host an order page for you, or I can connect my warehouse with your shopping cart to make everything flow smoothly.


For my top clients it works like this;

  • I build them a website or they have their own which I connect to.
  • Orders come in and those orders are sent to the correct warehouse
    (some clients ship to over 38 different countries so different countries are fulfilled by different warehouses).
  • Your toy is packed in a shipping carton, a shipping label is applied, and your toy is shipped out within one business day.
  • A tracking number is emailed to your customer and your shopping cart is updated (depending on your website).


Storage is a one-time setup cost of $99 and then it is $20 per week or $99 per month.  Payment renews automatically if the product is still in storage.  One pallet of space is about 1,000 – 10″ toys. Storing a larger quantity of toys, or for much larger toys, will result in an increase in the monthly storage charges.

For example;

1) 1,000 – 10″ toys in plastic bags would be $99 per month for storage and fees. You then just pay the shipping charges for each shipment

2) 1,000 – 10″ toys with a book in a bag would be the fees outlined in #1 plus $60 extra storage a month for the bigger space the book and bag take.

3) 1,000  – 10″ toys with a book in a box would be the fees outlined in #1 plus $95 extra storage a month for the bigger space the book and box take.


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