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Written guarantee for you to be sure you’ll get what you want.


45 Day – 100% RISK-FREE OFFER 
I am so confident that you will be thrilled with the quality of service you will be receiving, that I would like you to try my services risk-free for 45 days.  What this means is that you can start with Custom Plush Toys, and not worry about choosing the wrong manufacturer.  I will only need a few days to convince you I am your best choice to work with, but you will have 45 days to decide.

In other words, you can try my Services RISK-FREE!

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and if you are not thrilled then ask for all of your money back – with no hassles.


Your Toy Will Be Safe – Guaranteed
Safety is my number one concern, and I am so confident that your toys will pass safety tests that I guarantee it.  I will guarantee that every product I ship out to you will be in compliance with the safety standards in your country.

The regulations and standards may include (depending on your location) but are not limited to the following:

  • Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) and associated regulations
  • Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA) and associated regulations
  • Child Safety Protection Act (CSPA) and associated regulations
  • ASTM F963, Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety
  • EN71, European Standard, Safety of Toys
  • Canadian Hazardous Products (Toy) Regulation
  • ISO 8124-1 Safety of Toys
  • AS 1647 Australian Standard, Children’s Toys (Safety Requirements)


No Surprise Invoices Guaranteed
You can feel comforted knowing that when your toys arrive, you will not be surprised with new bills.  I invoice for the amount you owe for the product and the amount you owe for shipping.  That’s it!  There are no other fees unless you upgrade.  In the past, I have received calls from people asking us what they can do because they chose my competition to make their toys aiming to get a ‘low price’.  As soon as the goods were delivered the customer received a steady stream of invoices.  These invoiced items included:

  • customs
  • brokerage
  • clearance
  • DDC
  • and other charges

I guarantee you will not get any surprise invoices after the order is done.  If any extra charges crop up, after you have paid your final invoice, I will pay it Guaranteed!  (This does not include normal duty or taxes by your country’s government – which can be determined before you order.)


Your Toy Will Be A Truly Unique and Custom Product

You will be thrilled to know that every design and every toy I make is 100% truly unique and custom.  I do not take a stock item and just imprint your logo on it.  Your toy will:

  • include unique design features
  • be an original design pattern
  • not be copied for any other toy
  • qualify for a legally binding copyright
    Your toy will be truly unique and custom made or I will buy back every toy, plus give you $1,000 US for your trouble.  Your design will never be made for anyone else, for any reason.


Final Approval Guarantee
You will get final approval at every stage.  Each stage will not move forward until you give the go ahead.  At each stage, we will get your feedback, and see if we are moving in the right direction.  You will get full approval rights at the:

  • sketch stage
  • revision stage
  • prototype stage
  • prototype revisions
  • production stage
  • production revisions
  • final production sample

If your approval was not received before moving on to the next step and I am unable to go back to that step, I will pay you $1,000 Guaranteed!  You will have full control over your project, no matter what. Guarantee Terms hereby guarantees that our toy design will be from your direction.  We will not start with a “stock” toy, but will create original hand sketches using your ideas.  All designs are at your request, and direction, guaranteed.  We will guide you on such things as safety, price, and production capabilities. We are happy to be creative with your direction and ideas.

It is your responsibility as the consumer, that you do not direct or provide ideas to us that would infringe on another toys copyright.  This guarantee does not cover that situation. T his guarantee is in place to ensure that we follow your direction and ideas to create a unique toy for you.


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