Turn Your Book Character into a Stuffed Animal

Your Children’s Book – Your Stuffed Toy Character


Share your message with the World and enjoy the feeling when your character comes to life as a stuffed toy. The emotional connection a child has with a story is amplified when they can hug and squeeze their favorite character.  


I can take your ideas and your passion and create beautiful illustrations that belong to you. You’ll have full ownership over the illustration and book to do whatever you wish with it. 

I have a unique program, not found anywhere else called “Love Your Book and Toy” where I get three professional artists to do the same test page. 

You’ll be amazed at how different the three pages will be and every time I run that service for someone they fall madly in love with one of the illustrations. You’ll be thrilled with the results.



Your book will be exactly how you want it to be. Many other services limit you to certain sizes and may not have the type of cover or pages you want.

When I design your book, I’ll print it in any format and at any size you wish.  Do you want a hardcover and paper pages (soft pages)  inside? Or do you want a board book with a hard cover and rigid pages inside? You can have it matte (dull finish) or glossy. Want your book a 1/2″ bigger? Not a problem. Want it 4″ smaller? I can do that. 

Your book will have a registered ISBN number and you fully own the rights to your book so you don’t have to credit the illustrator and you can put anything inside your book you wish. I’d recommend linking to a website (which I can build for you with my Ultimate Package). 


You can print the same number of books as you do your stuffed toy, or print extra for giveaways and book signings. 



Packaging can be anything you want. I really like the soft cotton gift bags we’ve done in the past and I can create a pocket in the bag to hold your book. The soft cotton bags use up less room in a shipping carton so you save money on shipping your bulk order and as well you save every time you ship out to your customer.


I can design a window box, a box that looks like a dog house, or pretty much anything you can


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