Material Minimums

What You Need To Know About Materials

My minimum order on plush toys is 900 pieces per design.  If you have an exact color of the material in mind, then your minimum order for the toys may increase dramatically to enable me to make custom materials.

My minimum order for custom materials is approximately 1,000 yards of fabric.

This means I have to make enough toys to use up 1,000 yards of fabric.

For a typical 8″ toy I can get approximately 6 toys out of a yard of fabric, which means that the 1,000 yards of fabric would make 6,000 toys.

Each piece for your toy is cookie cut out of the fabric and then sewn together.  To the right (or below if you’re on mobile), you will see an image of a simple bear pattern.  You can see that the blue material will require the most fabric.

The yellow would not require much material at all.

If a particular color of fabric does not require 1,000 yards of fabric, then I must find a suitable match to use that is available at the time you go into production.

I will do my best to match the color you want very closely in addition to the style and texture.

So what does this mean for your toy?

Being flexible on the exact color is the safest way to go, but if you need an exact match then be prepared to order much higher quantities. 

If you have any questions about custom material requirements, just ask me.