A Letter From The Owner

I’m Listening And Doing What I Can To Help

A Big Problem Hits Close To Home

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was October and Mary Reynolds, a good business friend of mine had called me in tears. She was a good corporate customer of mine who didn’t think twice about ordering large orders of 50,000 to 100,000 pieces. They had 40 trade shows every year and gave out thousands of toys at every show. Mary was also a Mother of two and had a stuffed toy idea that she was looking to invent and wanted to sell outside of her Corporate job.

Trying To Save A Buck

A year before, she was asking if I would help her work on her toy. I gave her my best advice that I had and corrected a few assumptions that she was making. Mary asked me if I would be offended if she used someone else with a lower price. An alarm went off in my head but I wanted to make sure I was fair with her since the company she worked for was such a great corporate customer. So a year had past since she first started and I was now on the phone with her and she was in tears. Since it was October, it was too late to do anything about getting her new toys for Christmas. The biggest shopping day of the years (Black Friday) was weeks away and even with all of my skill, connections and production capabilities I wouldn’t be able to save the day.

She was a smart woman. She tried her best to work through another small supplier who promised a quick delivery time and cheaper prices. At her big corporate job she didn’t think twice about spending six figures on our custom toys, but this was different. This was her own money now and her family depended on her.