How Shipping Your Bulk Order Works

A Guide To Inventors and Corporate Clients

Transcript From Video

This video explains how shipping works. 

When I first started in the toy business, I received phone calls from people that I had quoted on their project but they decided to use my competition. 

The major complaint was that invoices kept showing up after the order arrived.
The customer paid for;
– shipping
– then a new invoice for dock fees
– then a new invoice for customs
and so on. Sometimes it results in up to 7 individual payments.

What I decided to do is have one ‘shipping’ price. It bundles all of these charges into one fee that I take care of.  

When you tell me how many toys you want to order, I will approximate the price for shipping and use that price in your Letter of Agreement. It’s like a Sales Agreement.
Within one week I will get a formal quote from a few shippers to get the best price for you. 
I’m typically within $100 of your ballpark shipping price. 

I keep your price low by using common carriers. It is important that you understand what that means. 
You may have ordered something online and had it shipped to you. Normally UPS, FedEx or USPS is used. 
With those couriers, shipping is very different. You get a tracking number. A nice shiny van pulls up and the package is delivered to your doorstep. 

Shipping with a common carrier is very different. 

This shipping method is the same type of method used to deliver to large stores like Walmart or grocery stores because it is the most economical method.  Drivers are not used to having to call ahead to make arrangements because there is usually a receiving area that is open all day long, with people to help unload.  This is why it is hard to know exactly when your specific shipment will arrive at your address, but we do our best to work with the logistics company to help things run as smoothly as possible.

With a common carrier, there is no tracking number. I use a logistics company that needs to get the goods to the dock, on to the boat, off of the boat and then on to a truck to be driven to your location. 

The cheapest delivery method available is if an 18 wheeler truck can make it to your location, back up to a dock and you have a forklift that can pick the goods out of the back of the truck immediately. 

Don’t worry if that is not a possibility for you. I can ship using a smaller truck that can reach residential or smaller commercial locations. We still have to get the goods off the back of the truck. For most common carriers, I can order a tailgate lift that will lower the pallet containing your order to street level. If you have a pallet truck, you can lift the goods into your location. 

If all you have is your two hands, then you should have some help on hand, depending on the size of your order to walk each box into your location. 

Most common carriers will not pull up on to residential properties. They will not deliver the goods inside of your location unless you order that. I can arrange an inside delivery but that costs 30% – 50% extra.  

Another issue that can be inconvenient if I’m delivering to a residential address, is that it’s hard to know what day the goods will arrive. I use a logistics company and they find the quickest and cheapest route to get the goods to you. Sometimes that means having 4 or 5 orders on one 18 wheeler that has to make its way across a few cities. Your order may be the first one ready to come off the truck or it may be stored behind 4 or 5 orders. 

The trucker selected may get to a business that closed early, and he’ll have to wait until the next day before he can complete that delivery. Your expected delivery day will then be bumped one day. 

At times that can work in your favor and be a day or two early. I can’t be sure. 

I always ask my logistics provider to call ahead and let you know the day that the goods will arrive, but some truckers may get delayed by weather or other circumstances, or make better time then they expected. 

I always try to make shipping as smooth and trouble-free as possible for you and I will work with you and my logistics company to make that happen. 

The only alternative to using the process I’ve just described is using UPS or FedEx ground shipping which would cost 4 to 5 times more

Please know I will save you the most money possible on shipping while making it as pleasant as smooth as possible. 

Oh, and when the goods arrive to you, please be sure not to sign the driver’s copy of the delivery notice until you’ve counted the boxes and checked to make sure there isn’t any Major damage. There is normally some minor box crushing and wear and tear from the shipping, but any open boxes or severely crushed boxes should be noted on the driver’s copy. 

Please let your Project Manager know if you have any questions from this video.