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what makes you 


Let me worry about making your toys

When you’re trying to give the World what you’re made of it can be a pain to add a stuffed toy. You must worry about dealing with a factory, safety testing, quality, pricing, shipping, logistics, and delivery to your customer. It’s a pain. You could be doing better things with your time than dealing with all of that hassle. 

This is what I do for you. I take care of that hassle. 

That is what I’m great at. 

Just forget about worrying about it. 

You’ll have one point of contact to find out “what’s going on”. 

You’ll know your toys are safe and will have documented safety reports. 

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You’ll know that the quality will be what you expect and if there is a problem, you’ll have one representative to make it all right. 


You’ll know that pricing will be fair and include dozens of extras you won’t get anywhere else. Included is the peace-of-mind know that you can worry about your core business and let me handle everything. 


You’ll know that shipping will be taken care of smoothly. Throughout 2019 to 2022 shipping was challenged greatly with delays, wild price fluctuations and unexpected obstacles. Having a dedicated point of contact manage all of those complexities is invaluable. We will handle all of those types of issues for you. 


Importing your toys is overwhelming and then you’re left with the task to manage shipping your toys to where they need to be. Leave that to me and I’ll store your toys and ship on demand where ever you need them. Whether it’s one toy at a time or pallettes shipped to your clients I’ll take care of it. 


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customer service

Over and over again I’m told;

  • I always know what’s happening
  • You’re always just a free phone call away
  • Your customer service is exceptional
  • I love the quality
  • I love the consistent updates
  • Shipping was a breeze
step by step

Not only that…

Get a quote and then get started and you’ll see the easy step-by-step system that has been a proven winner since 1995. Everything is organized in an easy to follow step-by-step plan and it’s all done for you. 

We do all of the work. 

With your input we’ll sketch, design, prototype, safety test, manufacture and ship your toys to your warehouse or to ours and we’ll pick-and-pack for you. 

Your customers can order on demand and your product is shipped out within one business day most times of the year.