Limited Time Bonus

Each month I offer a few new clients a bonus but when the limited number of bonuses are gone, they are gone.

If you sign up now you’ll get these three bonuses added to your project.

$129 value

Professional Photo Shoot – your stuffed toy character will get an afternoon in my professional photo studio, where they will be prepared and posed to sell. High-resolution photos will be taken and then I’ll edit one to perfection. You’ll be left with a high quality photo of your toy, ready for a website, flyer, sell sheet, retail display or blog.

$225 value

Expert Consultation – you will get 30 minutes of expert phone time with me. I’ll go over your idea and help guide you towards success. I guarantee you’ll get more value out of this bonus then any other. You will learn invaluable ideas on how to price your toy, how to market your toy, how to add value and how to grow your idea beyond just a toy.

$150 value

Product Quick Launch & Design Guide – 15 Questions you already have the answers to which will rocket your toy idea into reality. PDF and Audio download.


Please know that I cannot accept every client, even if you place your deposit on my website. Your project will still need to be reviewed before being accepted.

I look for the following when working with a client:

  • You are prepared to go in to production of 900 pieces or more
  • You have a realistic expectation of what can be designed in plush form
  • You are looking to conduct yourself in a professional manner, and ready to move forward with your order

If that’s you, then let’s make a great toy together.

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